My name is Nik and I’m here to help you, and me, learn all there is to know about Coffee and Whisk(e)y! (like why it’s spelt with, and without the ‘e’, and what’s the difference between Whiskey and Bourbon?)

I spent the first 16 years of my working life in coffee shops and hospitality where I learned quite a lot about coffee, and I spent almost as much time learning that Bourbon is the best spirit to drink in the evening when caffeine seemed like a bad idea (does whiskey have caffeine in it? There’s another question to explore).

During my time, I became a Coffee Master (which is a ‘thou-shalt-not-be-named’ coffee shops title) but basically means I studied up about coffee and learned how to appreciate it all that more.

But what does all this mean for you I hear you ask? Well, I’m glad you did.

I feel that there is a little divide when it comes to coffee, and whiskey, at the moment. Where there are so many options out there, and the availability is so varied, that it can be a bit daunting to even begin to look at anything past what you already know at the risk of coming off as an ‘amateur’ and looked down upon. Here is a fact though (look it up if you don’t believe me), the word ‘amateur’ comes from the French for ‘one who loves’, so I’m here to embrace the amateur and the love of all things coffee and whiskey and be a guide whilst we learn and explore all things Coffee and Bourbon.

Why Coffee and Bourbon and not Coffee and Whiskey? Well here’s your first bit of knowledge, there is a variety of coffee called ‘Bourbon’ and whilst it doesn’t directly have anything to do with the alcohol, it does actually have the same origin. Can you guess what it is?

Is it from;

A) A French King
B) A Region of the World
C) A Celtic God

The answer? That’s for another post, but it’s a great story.

If you have any questions or ideas, drop me a comment below, and look out for the first post, all about making coffee at home, coming soon!

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